Investing in real estate seems to be uber-popular nowadays, due in large part to the many reality shows touting great return on investment with little elbow grease. And while the popularity is for good reason, given the wealth that can be built through numerous avenues, many people fail at it or give up. 

Having a solid team in place is imperative for success, from lawyers, to contractors, lenders, etc. However it starts and ends with having an experienced real estate professional who understands the investment side of things and ideally is involved them self. Finding the right deal is what will ultimately determine whether you succeed, which makes proper deal analysis so crucial. The majority of profits are actually made on the buy side rather than the sale, so if you can locate an undervalued property, and then negotiate an even better price, its almost hard to fail.

I have personally been investing and working with investors going on 7 years now, from flips to income properties to buy and hold scenarios, and everything in between. It is a passion of mine and when done correctly is actually fun. If you are a novice looking to get started or a seasoned flipper looking to add a good agent to your team to bounce ideas off and locate stellar deals, feel free to reach out, I’d love to talk.