Krystin Hicks

Real Estate Agent | Office Manager

Krystin is one of our amazing agents and wears another hat as our Office Manager to help keep the ship running smoothly. 

Krystin brings a lifetime of experience to the table, having grown up in a Real Estate family. Her Dad is a commercial builder/developer and her Mom spent over 20 years as a Title agent, and both brothers are construction superintendents. She commits her wealth of knowledge into creating authentic connections as she supports her clients in their needs, wants and desires in Real Estate.

She is originally from Austin, TX and has lived in New York City, Boston, Maui and the Berkshires. She attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC and The Boston Conservatory.

She lives in Massachusetts with her partner who is a BCBA and a Luthier.  She has worn many hats over the years and brings authenticity, joy, and passion into her relationships in business and play.