Some of the numbers pre-entered above are averages, for example:

APR & Loan Term: these will be dictated by the type of loan product you choose, but on average a conventional fixed 30 year will have an APR in the 3.75-4.25% range.

Home Owners Insurance: typically runs around .5% of the home value (or sale price)

PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance): this is only applicable if you are putting less than 20% down on the loan. If applicable it generally runs around .5% of the loan amount, but can approach 1.5% depending on your credit score.

Closing Costs: these typically run between 2-4% of the loan amount.

Real Estate Tax: the average here in Massachusetts is 1.21% of the home value, this obviously varies quite a bit depending on the specific town, so using a slightly higher rate is usually a safe bet.